Air Purifier Design Portable 200ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser. Mini Aromatherapy

  • $37.98


Brand New

Changing light color automatically

Water-soluble essential oil can be used in this product, giving you a SPA at home

Ultrasonic technology turning the water or fragrance solution into mist

Color Our Life - Your Home Salon!


Color: White

Tank capacity: 200ml

Nominal voltage: DC5V

Rated current: 1A

Rated power113K HZ

Material: ABS

Adapt area: 10-20 square meters


Humidify: humidifies the air in the room during summer and winter, refresh the quality of air we breathe, adjust the temperature in the room.

Beauty: refreshes skin and can be taken as a skin care, keeps skin healthy and moist.

Purify: neutralizes static, reduce infection of skin.

Relief: aroma therapy, relieve strain and ease stress

Decoration: warms atmosphere in the room by adding perfume or essential oil in the atomizer


Beauty salon, SPA, Yoga, Bedroom, Living room, Conference room, Office, Reception Center, Corridor, Pet room, Toilet, Baby room, Hotel, Hospital or any other private/public places.


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