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Thai Version Of The Straw Retro Fashion Hand Bag

Thai Version Of The Straw Retro Fashion Hand Bag

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Material:Bamboo Fiber


Very beautiful, elegant, casual a retro fashion bag, the owner of the main push money

      Non-toxic environmental protection close to nature
      Is a leisure, vacation in a cool scenery
      Pure natural seaweed hand preparation, subtle flaws, does not affect the appearance and use
      Bag color, package buckle pattern is not fixed, there is no two exactly the same package, mind not to shoot
  Appearance: straw bag body, a package angle, wooden handle hand (handmade, wooden handle portable color uneven, not out of paint Oh)
     Inside: cloth lining, zipper opening and closing, with a dark bag inside.
      Size: bag body length and width 24 * 10 * 17cm (handmade products, each size slightly different, error 1-3 cm).
      Recommended: clean with a soft cloth after the natural dry, do not exposure in the sun.
      Description: part of the picture for the sun under the shooting, the color slightly wrong.
      As this package is handmade, cloth cut position differences, some will be slightly misplaced with the picture, please understand. In order to better protect the bottom of the bag is not worn, the base of the cortex of the four package angle protection
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